4 May 2022, 07:02

cleaner code

Make your code as readable, code is for humans!

  • Use long, descriptive names
  • Divide the code into logical subroutines
  • Keep it simple when possible - there are no points for complicated one liner solutions

The creation cycle

  • Make it work
  • Make it right
  • Make it beautiful and fast

Spend a lot of time reading and understanding a complex piece of code you might be interacting with

  • Jumping to code when you do not understand what's happening around will almost always result in an inefficient solution

Use debuggers extensively.

  • Understand input fast: put a break point, play around with methods on your input
  • Sandbox: Quickly implement a solution in the watch/console section instead of rerunning the whole program
  • Debug: Understand the state of the program and fix it up

Write tests

  • It's better to fail early and fix the problem than fail in production.
  • Every time you refactor, change, or add to your code, your tests will make sure you did not regress.
  • Add tests at every opportunity


Twitter thread by Ujjwal Chadha

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