8 December 2020, 06:52

why rust

There is something drawing me down towards the bits, closer to the metal. As someone who has spent the majority of their career up in the clouds of abstraction (JavaScript) learning a language closer to the machine has it's appeal. WASM is knocking at the door of the modern browser and Rust seems to gel well with next this chapter in browser performance.

Rust's soaring popularity has been hard to ignore. Some early experiments with the language and the Rust Language Server in VSCode have pushed me beyond dipping my toes to wading out a little further.

There seems to be a focus on DX (Developer Experience) and ease of use.

The core tenants of performance, reliability and productivity certainly resonate. I want things to be fast, consistent and I want to be able to get them done in a timely manner. Plus all that memory and thread safety appeal to a naive JS dev like myself. Rust also has great documentation and vibrant community.

Worst case scenario I learn a new language and maybe a few concepts I can bring into my daily work. I plan on going through the basics into data structures and algos over the next few months posting about my learnings and discoveries in public.

Keeping these short and to the point as I shift through the gears of writing again. Looking forward to starting the next phase, onwards and upwards!

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