29 May 2017, 00:00

breaking ground

first post

Im excited to be writing my first post on here. I orginally had put together this site six months ago. Back then I was struggling with what web development actually was, how HTML markup worked and what CSS was used for. CSS can still give me some troubles from time to time. As I write this, the site on small screens still needs a little work, but I just wanted to get this project going sooner than later.

I'm using a CMS called grav and so far I've really enjoyed the experience. Check out the site

Everything seems to work right out of the box and it was fairly straight forward getting everything configured. They use a templating engine called Twig which is a PHP templating engine. I've never used PHP before but the Twig syntax is pretty semantic. They use partials, which are pre-templated sections of a web page which you can use in combination to create whatever layout you want.


The installation went smoothly for the most part, although took some tinkering as I was locally developing in a Docker container which was a very convenient as I didnt have to host directly on my Linux box (devs like to call laptops boxes I've noticed). However this meant there was some config on my web hosting server as the container was a NGNIX container and not APACHE.

The easiest way I found was to download GRAV and extract the folder on the webroot (the top of the sites folder tree) and then just transfer over my local user folder.

what's to come

I'm going to be getting back to basics in these posts and exploring the fundatmentals of JavaScript and modern web development. A couple of ideas I've had are:

  • JavaScript 101 no frameworks to get better at frameworks
  • Blockchain tech
  • The future and current climate of tech
  • ES6 and beyond
  • Node.js
  • Python
  • Data Viz
  • Design

Im going to leave it here for now.

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